Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Liberals Say The Darndest Things Mobile App Hits iTunes & Google Play Stores!

Why read a quote when you can hear it in their own words?

Liberals-say-the-darndest-things This App is not only entertaining, but also a powerful tool to help you inform liberals. When we tell our left-leaning friends about some of the crazy things liberal politicians have said, the most common response is, "You must have heard that on Fox News, right?" Well now you can say, No, I heard it from the horse's mouth, here... listen! Then play the brief audio clip. The Liberals Say The Darndest Things Mobile App contains two categories: Individuals and Topics, so you can quickly and easily reference countless soundbites of the wackiest, craziest things liberal politicians and celebrities have ever spoken into a microphone. Since they never stop saying crazy things, you never stop receiving FREE updates! Each audio quote contains a transcript AND a video link for more context, just in case your liberal friends don't believe their ears. FINALLY... now there's quick and easy library of evidence on liberal insanity that you can keep at your fingertips at all times. In the unlikely event that what you're looking for is not in this app, just use the Suggest a Quote button and send us your request. It might well be included in the next update. Enjoy!!

Download the Official Liberals Say The Darndest Things Mobile App To Receive:

  • An Ever-Growing Collection of Audio Quotes - Right From The Source
  • Links to Corresponding Video Files
  • Submit Your Favorite Quotes
  • Chat Board To Discuss Relevant Topics
  • Latest Conservative View News Feed
  • Free Updates & New Quotes Every Month
  • ...and Much More!

Download This Incredible App Today:

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